Student Life

Student Life

Here at FHOH, we are committed to making the teens feel good about the transition from home life to here while in the program.

Activities include

  • Beach trips 
  • Gardening 
  • Playing outside sports/ activities
  • Concerts
  • Summer drives 
  • Hiking 
  • Gyms 
  • Swimming holes 
  • Farm life aspects 
  • Bonfires 

Here at FHOH, this list is more than just a few trips, it’s fellowship, relationships, and getting to know yourself as well as getting closer to God.

Teens hiking and getting in the fresh air.

Living in the dorms

When arriving at Foothills House of Hope changes take place instantly. Going from possibly a T.V. in your room you now have roommate(s) and bunk beds! We find that living in the dorm with other teen girls is challenging. We offer structure during your stay that include having a Room Assistant. The room assistant is to care for the room and make sure each student is taking care of the responsibilities of the room. Having teen girls in a room also may bring in natural emotions, such as anger, sadness, and joy. We find down in the room and on campus there is always someone to talk to. Having these structures in place help everyone in the end.

What is a day like in Foothills House of Hope?

Foothills House of Hope offers stability through a set schedule. This schedule changes time from time as staff finds the best way to help the current students.

7:15 AM: The alarm rings. Should I hit snooze or not?

8:30 AM: Time for a BIG breakfast! Gather around your fellow students and enjoy breakfast with staff. There is never silence at the table unless Ken prepares his famous pancakes!

9:15 AM: Time to rev up your engines and get into the Word of the Lord. We study certain chapters, Scriptures and discuss what it means to you, and other students. We start our day off with the Lord so we can have the strength to take on the rest of the day.

10:00 AM: Time for school! We gather our materials and make school goals. The teacher then will make sure those goals are attainable, as well as challenging. When completing school goals there is a tutor on deck ready to help you!

12:30 PM: Lunch time!!! We join at the table again with students, and staff to enjoy lunch. On days of winter, soups and warm sandwiches call each and everyones name. During the summer fruits, veggies, and fresh salads as our sides.

1:30 PM: Continue school, getting and crushing your goals for that day!

3:30 PM: School is finished for the day! Start on team building and self building chores, and exercises.

4:00 PM: Start on FLOW*

6:00 PM: Dinner preparations

7:00 PM: Family time, watching movies, playing games, etc. Being able to spend quality time with staff, and the other students is a prime feature here.

8:30 PM: Start nightly routine down in the dorm to ensure quality sleep to each student.

FLOW- What is FLOW?

Flow is what Foothills House of Hope calls “Free Time”. It is constructed in place so the safety of others is ensured. Flow allows the student to have free time with themselves and if applicable with others. You will hear the term FLOW used during particular times in our daily schedule. It is the student’s responsibility to prioritize and use time management skills during FLOW.

 When Staff declares FLOW, the following things are allowed during that time:

  •  Chores
  •  Xtra Chores (see day list)
  • Homework
  • Counseling Assignments
  • Exercise
  • Art
  • Reading
  • Journaling
  • Life Skills
  • Journaling Assignments
  • Listening to approved music
  • Structured activities (Bad Mitten; Volleyball; Horseshoes, etc.)

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