Our Story

Our Story

Continuing reading for more information about how we got where we are now!

In the year 2000, the Niewulises left behind a successful business and a comfortable home on the Northwest side of Hickory to start all over on just their Christian faith, their experiences raising their own three children, and a call from God to begin Foothills House of Hope.

Today, the FHOH campus stands on the northeast side of Hickory, tucked back in the woods as a quiet testament to the faithfulness of God and how He has worked things out. The campus houses roughly 5 students at a time for school. The students learn what it’s like to be in a loving family home. Boarding School is our main purpose however we deal with biblical guidance, and fellowship as well.

We have had over 80 families, we had boys as well as girls on two different campuses. As we grew through the years we went from boys to girls, to just girls. We found these girls need love, acceptance, and guidance.

The House of Hope Program is not solely for the boys and girls but is for the ENTIRE family. The staff works closely with the parents to identify personal and effective means of reaching, disciplining, and bringing about healing to their family.

Coming to the Foothills House of Hope is no guarantee of success in turning around your life, just like a major university doesn’t guarantee success. But, like the university, our kids can get all the tools here to change their lives. God is in the life-changing business. We are God-centered and God-called, and we signed on to do what He wants us to do.

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